Here is the latest...


Wrapping up final mixes for Fiction SYXX!!  Great news on that coming soon.  Look for a July release.

Also The Mood Groove album is in the final mixing.  Look for a June release!!

Writing songs that will appear on various artist albums!!  In the final mixes for a killer Metal band called Death Of Reason!!  Be watching for that one.

more coming...

Peace, JK


Hey everyone!!  Things are coming along nicely for all of the recording projects I'm involved in at the moment.  I still have to wait for another week or so to make a big announcement :)

Check the new Mystery Solo and the previo0us ones on the home page.  Enjoy..

Peace, JK


I've been very busy in the studio in January!!  I have some amazing good news.  I'm currently co-writing songs for a major band and will announce WHO soon!  Also getting closer to finishing the Fiction SYXX album.  Another very cool project I'm co-writing, co-producing and playing on is The Mood Groove, which will come out in the summer this year!!

More to follow...Peace, JK

-2017 is here, let's go!!!


HAPPY NEW YEARS!!  Welcome 2017


Well it's getting closer to 2017 and  I can feel the good vibes!  I'll be releasing several new albums in 2017 so stay tuned!!

Peace, JK


Merry Christmas and Happiest of holidays everyone!!  I am looking forward to 2017 as it will be a great year indeed~

Peace, JK


Let me start by saying that 2016 was a great year and a hard one to get through at the same time!   I've been working with so many great bands and artists on the recording, mixing and mastering side, as well as writing and making new music for 2017.  I am excited about each one of them.  

Here are a few... Bryan Cole, The Radio Sun, FICTION SYXX (Mark Allen Lanoue), Adam Charles Ersnt, Niviane, Red Sky Sunrise, The Mood Groove and many more!  Some are finished and some are going into 2017  Many thanks to Andrew McNiece at!

I will let you know more as soon as I am allowed ;)

Peace, JK