-1982-83- I began my professional career as Lead Guitarist for Billy Thorpe (Children of the Sun, Pasha Records), touring the United States and Australia. Band members included drummer Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) and bassist Bruce Turgon (Foreigner, Lou Gramm), opening for such bands as Cheap Trick and Ted Nugent as well as headlining many shows.

-1984-85- Wrote songs and played guitar on two records for Warner Pioneer recording artist, Steffanie, as well as toured, appeared on television and in her videos.

-1985-86- Joined EMI Recording artists Rail, again touring and opening for Ted Nugent and others as well as headlining many shows.

-1987-89-Formed the band Northrup with singer Johnny Edwards (Montrose and later Foreigner, Royal Jelly). During this time, we wrote and recorded many songs. One song we wrote together, "Ready for the Rain", was later recorded on the Foreigner, "Unusual Heat" record in 1991. I also recorded and performed on the King Kobra lll CD with legendary drummer Carmine Appice. Three of my songs were featured on that CD including "Walls of Silence". Also appeared on MTV in the video for the song Take it Off. Some of my songs were used for television, including episodes for Michael Landons hit television series, "Highway to Heaven".

-1991-93- Recorded, wrote, played guitars and produced the Paul Shortino, Back on Track CD featuring Jeff Northrup, released on Alfa Records. The CD featured many other great recording artists including, Carmine Appice, James Kottak (Scorpions, Kingdom Come), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner), Sean McNabb (House of Lords,Great White), Matt Bissinette (David Lee Roth) and Toto singer, Bobby Kimball. Toured with Band members, Paul Shortino, James Kottak, Sean McNabb and myself.

-1995- Recorded, co-wrote, played guitars and produced the self titled CD, "Cage", with singer Terry Ilous (XYZ) released on King Records. This CD also featured a who's who of artists including, Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath), Carmine Appice, Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue), James Kottak, Myron Grambacher (Pat Benatar), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder), Phil Soussan (Ozzie, Billy Idol, Vince Neil) and Sean McNabb. Played rhythm and lead guitar for the Black Sheep "Sacrifice" CD. Appeared on the Black Sheep video for the song "Someone Like You" with James Kottak and Willie Basse.

-1997- Co-wrote, played Guitars and co-produced the CD, "Flynn", The Day I Spoke to Dog with singer Terry Ilous, released on VIP Records. This CD also featured another legendary drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting and many others).

-1998-2002- Released the self titled CD, JK Northrup on Metal Mayhem Music with recordings from the 1988-90 era with Johnny Edwards on vocals. Produced numerous bands in the United States and wrote and/or produced songs for commercials for such companies as Disney, American Express, Intel, Microsoft, HGTV, Earthlink and numerous others (this continues through to the present).
The JK Northrup "Play it on 11" Best Of is released July 8 2002 on MTM Music. My instrumental song "I.M.N.U." is featured on the Jason Becker Volume 2 tribute CD on "Lion Records". Also, another instrumental song, "Remember Me" was featured on the NYC Charity CD out on "Now and Then/Frontiers Records" benifiting the families who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11th tragedy and the Red Cross. Also scheduled is
the release of a song written by myself and Phil Naro called Bad Boys in the Hard Luck City for the CD, Naro on Z Records.

-2003- XYZ "Letter to God" CD is released. I co-wrote, co-produced and played all guitars, as well as engineered and mastered it.

-2004- Shortino/Northrup "Afterlife" is released on MTM Music. All songs were written by myself (with the exception of two were co-written with Johnny Edwards). I also recorded, mixed and mastered it.

-2005- Toured with XYZ and Terry Ilous. Also toured with "The Acoustic Outcasts" featuring Ron Keel (Keel, Steeler), Charlie Wayne (Bullet Boys), Kelly Keeling (Blue Murder, MSG, Baton Rouge), Terry Ilous and myself.
I started my music production company "Alien Productions", producing, recording and mixing numerous bands and recording artists and produced and recorded commercials for companies such as HGTV, Fine Living Channel, DIY Network and the GAC Country music Network.

-2006- Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered numerous cd's with various artists through my Alien Productions facility including Terry Ilous's XYZ "Forbidden Demos", The Mood Groove "Stones, Bones and Broken Shells" and the new "MelodicRock.com V3" cd for Andrew McNeice in Australia.

-2007- New JK Northrup "Wired In My Skin" released in March through my new Record label, "Alien Prod Records"! It features such legandary vocalists as Kelly Keeling (Blue Murder, MSG, Baton Rouge, Trans Siberian Orchestra), Johnny Edwards (Montrose, Foreigner, Royal Jelly, JK Northrup), Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Terry Ilous (XYZ, I.R.S.), newcomer vocalist David Zaragoza (Category 7), drummers Glenn Hicks (JK Northrup, Paul Shortino) and another newcomer, DanZoid (Mood Groove, W.N.G.C.) who played drums on 7 tracks!
Recorded, , co-produced (with Ted Poley), mixed, mastered and played Guitars and Bass on Ted Poley's "Smile" album released on Frontiers Records.
Recorded new album with my other band "The Mood Groove" titled Mr. Green Jeans War Blue. Go to www.moodgroove.com to purchase!

-2008- Played guitar on the upcoming Tima Montemayor album. Wrote songs for and began co-production for Alyssa Atherton. Recorded and produced numerous bands. Mixed and Mastered China Blue "Twilight Of Destiny" for Frontiers Records.
Recorded, produced, arranged and played all instruments on a rock version of "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" for the "Rock 4 Xmas Foundation" charity compilation cd.

-2009- Tima Montemayor "In This Trance"album in released. Played Guitars on the title track for the Liberty N' Justice album called "Light It Up", featuring Phil Lewis of "LA Guns" on lead vocal. Contributed the song "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" to the MRCD5 "Writing On The Wall" Compilation CD!

-2010- Liberty N' Justice "Light It Up" is released. I played guitars on the title track, along with Phil Lewis of LA Guns on vox.
Mixed and Mastered the album for Prime Suspect (Frontiers Records), as well as many local bands and artists.

-2011- Recorded, mixed and mastered the just released album, Bridger (Escape Music) in Europe, featuring Terry Ilous on vocal. I also played additional guitar and bass. Soon to released here in the US and Japan.
Played guitar on the song "Throwing Stones", which also features singer Donnie Vie (Enuff Z' Nuff) on the album, Liberty N Justice "Chasing A Cure" (Roxx Productions). I also co-wrote and played on two other tracks, "When Mullets Ruled The World" (click on title to watch the video on you tube) featuring Philip Bardowell on vocal, and "Butterface", featuring Mark Allen Lanoue on vocal..
I re-mastered the classic "Taxxi" album and "MRCD8" compilation for Melodic Rock Records.
The "Liberty N' Justice single "Sin" featuring ex-Warrant singer "Jani Lane" (RIP) is released on Itunes worldwide. I wrote the song along with Justin Murr. It was also co-written by Jani Lane, Keri Kelli and Scott Bolen. "Sin" also features Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), Bill Leverty (Fire House) and myself on guitars. It was mixed and mastered by me as well.
Produced, wrote the music and performed on Angela Kay Rylands ep called, Brandi Sue Ryland "Everlasting" (feat JK Northrup).

-2012-New Liberty N' Justice album "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" being realeased March 27th on Roxx Productions. I co-wrote 6 of the songs with Justin Murr and played on all 6 tracks. I also mixed and mastered those six songs.
-The single "Stayin' Alive" featuring Kip Winger and JK Northrup is released on Itunes and Amazon.com from the upcoming Liberty N' Justice two disc set
-Co-wrote, mixed and mastered the song and title track "15 Years Later" with Justin Murr for the MRCD9 compilation.

-2013-Liberty N' Justice "The Cigar Chronicles" is released Feb 2013.
-JK Northrup "The 11:11 Project" is released.

-2014-JK Northrup & Friends, "A Collection of Duets & Ballads" is released in September.

-2015-Liberty N Justice "Life Songs" is released.

-Recorded, mixed and mastered many great local and international artists.

-Recorded, mixed and mastered The Mood Groove- "Why Kiss The Sky"- Dick & Ed's Project of Transparency.

-2016-This has been an amazing year!  Again, I have worked with lot's of bands and artists here and abroad, mixing, recording, mastering and more!  Bryan Cole, The Radio Sun, FICTION SYXX (Mark Allen Lanoue), Adam Charles Ersnt, Niviane, Red Sky Sunrise and many more!  Many thanks to Andrew McNiece at Melodicrock.com!

-2017-Mastered the following albums- Don Barnes "Ride The Storm" (MelodicRock Records)-

-Scherer-Batten "BattleZone", Produced by Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer, Jim Peterik-  (MelodicRock Records)-

-Jimmy Davis & Junction "Going The Distance", Jimmy Davis & Junction "Kick The Wall", Jimmy Davis & Junction  "LIVE", all on (MelodicRock Records)-

-Mastered The Radio Sun "Unstoppable" album (label tba).

-Mixed, mastered, produced and performed on the Fiction SYXX- "Tall Dark Secrets" album out now on MelodicRock Records.

-Recorded, mixed, mastered, co-produced and performed on another very cool album called The Mood Groove "I Just Want to Sit Down".  Release date tba!!

-Co-wrote 3 songs with Terry Ilous and Mark Kendall for the new Great White album "Full Circle".  Songs, "Movin' On", "This is the Life" and "Never Let You Down". Great album!! Produced by legend Michael Wagener.

-Gypsy Soul (the Northrup years) is released by Escape Music LTD.

-2018 -JK Northrup & David Cagle- "That's Gonna Leave A Mark"is releases March 30 2018 on MelodicRock Records worldwide!!!  Produced, mixed and Mastered by JK.
The Mood Groove is released worldwide on Escape Music Ltd.!!!  Produced by JK and Ed Balldinger, mixed and Mastered by JK.

‚Äč-2018-Mastered the following albums- CITA "Relapse of Reason", CITA "Heat Of Emotion", Guild Of Ages "Rise" and Jon Butcher Axis "Stare At The Sun all on Escape Music LTD.

-2018- Mastered- Jim Shepard "Jaded" on MelodicRock Records.

-2019- Fiction Syxx "The Alternate Me" released on MelodicRock Records- June 28 2019!  Produced, mixed and mastered by JK.  Also played guitar.

-2019-Westlake Boulevard "Making Music With My Friends" (indie) released on CD Baby.  Produced, mixed and mastered by JK.  Also played guitar and bass.

-2019- Stoneflower- Mastered their album.  Release date TBA...

-2020-21- The Mood Groove, "Some Left Some Stayed" is being released Worldwide on Feb 1st, 2021 through Melodicrock Records!!  Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by JK. 

-2021- Fiction SYXX "Ghost Of My Fathers Past" is released on Gemini Rising.  Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by JK.

Much more to come....

Bruce Turgon, Billy Thorpe, Frankie Banali and myself American tour 1982


JK Solo Promo 2002

Extended bio from 1982-current

Rail tour 1985

Cage with Terry Ilous 1995

With Paul Shortino, 1993

Northrup Band live.  Larry Hart, Johnny Edwards, Justin McDaid, JK 1988


In the studio with Ted Poley 2007