2022-Rich Kollenberg "A Love That Never Fails"  (iTunes etc.) 4

2022-Lastworld "Escape The Eclipse" (PerrisRecords)  3

2022-MelodicRockClassics  (Albums and Artists listed below) 

-2AM- GalleyBoyz (2 CD's)- A Story Unfolds (2 CD's)- Headway- Big Shot- James House (2 CD's)- Chris Irvine- Jesse Harms (6 CD's)- Clif Magnus (4 CD's)- LaMarca- Andy Qunta (2 CD's)- Little America- Tom Deluca- (all mastered - 3)

2022-Fatal Vision "Once" (Pride & Joy Music)  2-3

2021-Fiction SYXX "Ghost Of My Fathers Past"  (Gemini Rising) 4

2021-MelodicRockClassics  (Albums and Artists listed below) 

-Chris Farren (2 CD's)- Mark Edwards (2 CD's)- Holleyridgeland (8 CD's)- Steve McClintock (2 CD's)- TIM- (all mastered - 3)

2021-Brannon "Wish you Were Here" (indie)  2-3

2021-Rich Kollenberg "Just Beneath The Surface"  (iTunes etc.)  4

2020-Brannon "Everyday Heroes" (indie)  2-3

2020-LastWorld "Over The Edge"  (Perris Records)   3

2020-Rich Kollenberg "Where Is Your Song"  (iTunes etc.) 4

2020- Rich Kollenberg- "A Safe Place" (iTunes etc.)  4

2020- Stoneflower "Finally" (AOR Heaven)  3

2020- the Mood Groove- "Some Left, Some Stayed" (iTunes etc.)  4

2019-West Lake Boulevard "Making Music With My Friends" (Indie) 4

2019- Persephone's Dream "Anomalous Propagation" (Melodic Revolution Records)  3 *CD and Vinyl.

2019-Mark Baker  "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be" (MelodickRock Records)3

2019-Outlasted "Waiting For Daybreak" (MelodickRock Records)3

2019-Fiction Syxx "The Alternate Me" (MelodickRock Records)  4

2019-Ashley Puckett (Indie)  3

2019-MR100 "LEFT OFF THE FIRST 99" (MelodickRock Records) 3

2019-Martie Peters Group "Unfinished Business" (MelodickRock Records)  3

2019-Morano "Incognito"  (Indie)  2-3

2019-Matt Westin "Stomp On" Single  3

2019-LastWorld "Time"  (MelodicRock Records)   3

2018-Brett Walker "Last Parade" Box Set (MelodicRock Records)  3

2018-JK Northrup & David Cagle "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" -(MelodicRock Records)  4

2018-the Mood Groove (Escape Music Ltd.)  4

2018-Jimmy Waldo & Steven Rosen "Voices From The Past"   -Double Disc (MelodicRock Records)  3

2018-Stoneberries "s/t" 4

2018-CITA "Heat Of Emotion" (Escape Music) 3

2018-CITA "Relapse Of Reason" (Escape Music) 3

2018-Guild Of Ages "Rise"  (Escape Music)

2018-Jim Shepard "Jaded"  (MelodicRock Records)  3

2018-Jon Butcher Axis "Stare At The Sun" (Escape Music)  3

2017- Jon Butcher Axis (Escape Music Ltd.)  3

2017- Mecca "The Demos" (MelodicRock Records)  3

2017- Scherer-Batten "BattleZone" (MelodicRock Records) 3

2017- Target "In Range" (Escape Music Ltd.)  3

2017- Matt Westin  3

2017- Death Of Reason (Indie)  4
2017- The Radio Sun "Unstoppable" 
2017- The Greg Golden Band -single- "Helter Skelter" 
2017- Fiction SYXX "Tall Dark Secrets" (Melodic Rock Records)
2017- Don Barnes  "Ride The Storm"  (Melodic Rock Records)
2017- Niviane "The Druid King"  (Pitch Black Records) 
2017- Jimmy Davis & Junction  "Kick The Wall"  (Melodic Rock Records)
2017- Jimmy Davis & Junction  "Going The Distance"  (Melodic Rock Records) 
2017- Jimmy Davis & Junction  "LIVE"  (Melodic Rock Records)  
2017- Arti Tisi "New York City" (Melodic Rock Records)  
2017- Arti Tisi "Back Again" (Melodic Rock Records)
2017- Arti Tisi "The Reeperbahn" (Melodic Rock Records) 
2017- Down In Smoke 
2016- Adam Charles Ernst  (Indie) 
2016- Bryan Cole "Sands Of Time" (Melodic Rock Records) 
2016- The Hans Project (Indie) 
2016- J3 (Indie) 
2016- The Radio Sun "Outside Looking In"  (Melodic Rock Records) 
2016- Red Sky Sunrise (Indie) 
2016- Roswell (Indie) 
2015- The Mood Groove- "Why Kiss The Sky"- Dick & Ed's Project of Transparency (Indie) 
2015- The Radio Sun "Heaven Or A Heartbreak" (Melodic Rock Records)
2015- MRCD13 "Peak Melodic" (Melodic Rock Records) 
2015- The Little Twins (Indie) 
2015- L.I.T.T (Indie) 
2015- Jman Fresh (Indie) 
2015- MIP (Indie) 
2015- Liberty N Justice "Life Songs" EP (High Voltage Music)
2014- JK Northrup & Friends "A Collection of Duets and Ballads" (Ossum Possum Records) 
2014- Liberty N Justice "The Vow" (LnJ Records) 
2014- Dire Peril "Queen Of The Galaxy" EP (Indie) 
2013- Red Union Blue "Learning To Fall" (Indie) 
2013- Liberty N Justice "The Cigar Chronicles" (LnJ Records)
2013- Critical Cirkus "CitySlicker" (Indie) 
2013- Sucker Punch "Self Titled" (Indie) 
2012- Dire Peril "Astronomical Minds" (Indie) 
2012- Tiffany Brouwer "End Like A Movie" 
2012- MRCD-10 "Inside Your Head" (Melodic Rock Records) 
2012- MRCD-9 "15 Years Later" (Melodic Rock Records) 
2012- Liberty N Justice "Stayin' Alive"- single" (Itunes) (feat Kip Winger and JK Northrup) 
2012- Liberty N Justice "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" (Roxx Productions)  4
2011- Brandi Sue Ryland "Everlasting" (feat JK Northrup)  4
2011- Liberty N' Justice (featuring Jani Lane) "Sin" the Single (LnJ Records-Itunes)  4
2011- Bridger (Escape Music)  4
2011- Liberty N Justice "Chasing A Cure" (Roxx Productions)  4
2011- Taxxi and MRCD8 (Melodic Rock Records)  3
2010- Prime Suspect (Frontiers Records)  2-3
2010- Liberty N Justice "Light It Up" (Retroactive Records)  4
2010- Sevenfootfetish (Indie)  4
2010- Kattywompus "Blind Faith" (Indie)  4
2009- Dave Zaragoza (Indie)  4
2009- Cody V "Lovelorn Leviathan" (Tendril Records-independent)  2-3
2009- ARS MAGNA (Crystal Evolution) (Indie)  4
2009- The Sonic Glow (Indie)  4
2008- China Blue "Twilight Of Destiny" (Frontiers Records)  2-3
2008- Dardanelle (Indie)  4
2008- Highway 49 "The Road To Gold" (Indie)  4
2008- Zydeco On Our Mind (Indie)  4
2008- Beating Heart "Beating Heart (Live)" (Indie)  4
2008- The SolidFellaz "No Offense" (Indie)  4
2008- ARS MAGNA (Indie)  4
2007- Ted Poley "Smile" (Frontiers Records)  4
2007- The Mood Groove "Mr. Green Jeans War Blue" (Indie)  4
2007- Cry Envy "Welcome To My House" (CRY ENVY Records)  4
2007- Terry Ilous "Here and Gone" (FYCO Records)  2-3
2007- JK Northrup "Wired In My Skin" (Alien Prod Records)-(NL Distribution Europe)  4
2007- MelodicRock.com "V4" 10th Anniversary Compilation Disc  3
2007- Enjae (independent)  4
2007- Category7 (Indie)  4
2007- Zolar X "X Marks The Spot" (Alternative Tentacles Records)  4
2007- Aftershocker "Born To Rock" (Indie)  4
2006- XYZ "Forbidden Demos" (FYCO RECORDS)  2-3
2006- Mood Groove "Stones, Bones and Broken Shells (Indie)  4
2006- MelodicRock.com "V3"  3
2006- Diana Short (independent)  4
2006- Aftershocker (independent)  4
2004- Shortino/Northrup "Afterlife" (MTM Music)  4
2004- Melodicrock V2 "The Beast Inside"  3
2003- XYZ "Letter To God" (MTM Music)  4
2003- MelodicRock.com CD #1   3

Some Clients

Some Credits

-Andrew J. McNeice- MelodicRock Records
-Jim Peterik-  Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer- (Survivor)

-Jon Butcher-
-Marc Scherer-

-Jennifer Batten- (Guitarist for Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck).
-Don Barnes- (Singer of 38 Special)- Melodic Rock Records

-Jimmy Davis & Junction-

-Rich Kollenberg
-Khalil Turk- (Escape Music LTD.)

-Mike Brignardello- (Giant, Amy Grant,  Blake Shelton)
-The Greg Golden Band-
-Arti Tisi-
-Serafino Perugino- Frontiers Records 
-Terry Ilous-
-The Radio Sun-
-Adam Wayne Ernst-
-Mark Allen Lanoue- FICTION SYXX
-Bryan Cole-
-Bruce Foster- Grammy nominated songwriter, producer-
-Douglas Thomas Kasper- Tonic Recording Studios

-Duane Morano

-Jim Shepard
-Death Of Reason-
-Red Sky Sunrise-
-Ted Poley-
-Eric Ragno-
-Glen Bridger-
-Zolar X-
-Justin Murr-
-Dire Peril-
-Helion Prime-
-Down In Smoke-
-Paul Shortino-
-Roux'd Trunin-
-Critical Cirkus-
-Mind A Misfit-
-Ars Magna-
-The Solid Fellas
-many more...

These are only a portion of the albums, projects and Clients that are a part of Alien Productions Music studio.

4-All three