Basic Rates start at-

-$50 per hour for-
-Recording, mixing and sound restoration-
-Cassette , DAT and Vinyl transfer-

-Half deposit required per booking. No exceptions-
-2 hour minimum-

-$360 for 8 hour block rate = $45 hr.
(Block rate must be pre-paid in advance to lock in that price).


-Based on per project-

-$50 per track minimum-

*all rates include JK Northrup as engineer*

Some Testimonials

"I have been a musician and songwriter for over 30 years, and though I feel I am a competent songwriter, my songs are taken to a whole new level when JK Northrup is added to the mix. A fantastic and talented musician and an incredibly gifted producer/engineer! I recommend Mr Northrup highly and I recommend Alien Productions, as your music will come out sounding top notch! "

-Mark Allen Lanoue -

"Great guy World Class Sound"

-Douglas Thomas Kasper-
Tonic Recording Studios

"Alien Productions is the perfect name to describe JK Northrup. His work is truly from another world! Absolutely exceptional! I was first introduced to JK through my record label and they highly recommended his work. After hearing the mastering he did on my debut album, I was blown away! He's the man! I am also proud to have him master any and all projects that I produce for other artists. No matter the musical genre, JK has it covered! He's the best... hands down"

-Bryan Cole-
MelodicRock Records

"I have been working with JK for over 20 years now!
By far the best gtr/producer I have ever worked with in my entire career!
Did I say he was talented?"

-Terry Ilous-
Great White.XYZ-Cage
Great White Official

"We just finished recording ,mixing,and mastering my new cd SMILE at ALIEN PRODUCTIONS! I am proud to say that it is one of the best sounding CD's of my entire career,and my record label was thrilled with the results. I wrote some quick lyrics about my experience:
"The entire process was fun and stress free.
I will surely be back to track my next CD!"
JK Northrup is one of the finest musicians and recording engineers on this planet or any other. What else can I say? Ok i am gonna say it- JK Northrup's ALIEN PRODUCTIONS is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!"

-Ted Poley-
Danger Danger

"JK Northrup - you are exalted by many as one of the greatest guitar players of all time and for good reasons... your ability as an engineer and producer is no less. THANKS for all your hard work"

-Dave Zaragoza-

"Doctor JK Northrup, songwriter, scientist of guitar, rock, production and many other "top secret" projects is an "ALIEN" disguised as a human and should be investigated by the CIA. He knows how and when the aliens got here and?about them mating with our previous species to develop the human beings we are now. Watch what you think around him and don't let him look at your forehead where the third eye is. Wear a hat if you have to cause he knows what you're thinking which can be a good thing when producing. For people other than his subjects ( singers, etc ) it can be traumatic.....Seriously joking aside he's Cool cat"

-Kelly Wayne Keeling-
Trans-Siberian Orchestra -MSG-Blue Murder

"It's unanimous! JK Northrup is the epitome of Music Production professionalism!" We had some mastering work done before by Jeff and felt that he was the "go-to" guy when it was time for our next project. We were right. In all of our combined years in music, none of us ever had the pleasure of working with such a gifted gentleman. Jeff did not tell us what we had to do, or what he wouldn't do, he clearly outlined all the options available (and he had many), and let us choose. Whew, what a welcome change that was!! He made our time in his studio very comfortable and productive. Jeff truly is an Engineering/Mastering wizard and a pleasure to work with. For anyone reading this that hasn't worked with JK: "I'm sorry; you have something special missing in your life." Thanks again JK for all you are and all you do. Ray, Becky, John, Tommy, Karl, Larry"


"I've worked with JK on multiple projects now and it's always been our goal to create a better sounding and feeling collection of music from one project to the next. I can honestly say that we've never failed, and in large part it's due to JK's exceptional listening skills, his abilities to adapt, and his creative instincts whether he's playing, writing, producing, engineering, mixing or mastering. Listen to any WNGC or Mood Groove album and you'll hear an improvement in sound quality from one album to the next. JK covers it all in a personable and professional way!"

~ Edgar Z. Balldinger

"Working with JK on my CD was like having an Engineer extension of myself. During the mixing and arranging processes Jeff would consistently give me suggestions that were perfect for my project.
JK's years of experience became incredibly beneficial to me at times when I felt stuck or needed a part played at a moments notice. If you are on the fence about mastering DO IT!!
The sound I got from JK's mastering skills was amazing! Jeff bumped my sound up to stadium quality for very affordable rates. It was well worth it!! His guitar skills are 'God like' and he made me feel so comfortable during the vocal sessions that I was always inspired to go beyond what I thought possible!!! He has the patience of a saint and the ear of a hound dog!!! I would highly recommend Jeff for any music project. I will always chose Alien Productions for all my recording needs!!!"


"Working with JK was really easy. We came to him after a really bad experience (sadly, also our first experience.) Needless to say, we were pretty dubious of the whole thing. JK has that chill kind of attitude that you can probably only get digging up school-bus size fossils with a toothbrush. His setup was quick, the recording was solid. On the first run, he initially had to work with what we had of the original recordings and match that sound. He did it flawlessly. All of it mastered and sounding fluid. Most recently, the band brought in two more members. We were concerned with changing up the process but he worked around our way of doing things and gave us that same easy time we had before despite the added complications of more people. Again the EQ and mastering are top-notch and again we leave Alien Productions looking forward to making more money so we can come right back!

-the SolidFellaz-