Sept-25-18 "Mystery Solo"!  Featured guitar solo by me from previous, or yet to be released music.

This weeks solo is????

JK Northrup & David Cagle- "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" OUT NOW on  MelodicRock Records!"

Music Production

the Mood Groove  OUT NOW on Escape Music LTD., worldwide!!  Click the cover to purchase there, or on  Enjoy.

  • Mystery Solo Dec 13-20170:47
  • Mystery solo May-2-20170:30
  • Mystery Solo Feb-1-20170:37
  • Mystery Solo 1-12-20170:30
  • Mystery Solo 12-30-20161:03
  • Mystery Solo 12-18-20161:02

"Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.  Enjoy the ride"


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