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Buy the new CD "The Mood Groove-Why Kiss The Sky-Dick & Ed's Project of Conspiracy"!!! Details on the JK Northrup Music page!!


I am looking forward to making this year a great one with new music and some nice surprises :) 

Peace from JK


I am proud to announce that I have resigned with Ossum Possum Records to release "JK Northrup & Friends, a Collection of Duets and Ballads". Besides several new songs, this features what I consider some of the best songs I have written over the past 22 years!

When I say resigned, I mean in 1992 I first signed to Ossum Possum Records for the release of the classic "Back On Track" with Paul Shortino on vocals and many other multi-platinum guest players.

"JK Northrup & Friends, a Collection of Duets and Ballads" is now available on Itunes, Amazon and Google Play for download only, but physical CD's are coming soon!! I am sooooo excited about this release! Here is the info about the songs and performers-

All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered JK Northrup. *except where indicated
All instruments played by JK Northrup. **except where indicated

01)-The Moment (feat. vocals by David Cagle)
02)-Sin (feat, vocals by Jani Lane) *co-written by Justin Murr, J. Lane, K. Kelly, S. Bolen)
-note-I re-recorded all of the instruments on this track. It is the last completed song sung by Jani Lane before his unfortunate passing.
03)-Promises To God (feat. vocals by David Cagle and Fergie Fredriksen) *co-written by J. Murr, D. Cagle.
04)-Stayin' Alive (feat. vocals by Kip Winger) -arrangement and guitar by JK Northrup. *written by The Bee Gees. *mixed by Cj Snare.
05)-So Long (feat. vocals by Terry Ilous) *co-written by Ed Balldinger. **drums by Glenn Hicks.
06)-Like A Stone (feat. vocals by Paul Shortino) **keyboards by Nir Averbuch.
07)-Honeymoon (feat. vocals by David Cagle) *co-written by J. Murr, D. Cagle. **keyboards by Eric Ragno.
08)-Under Construction (feat. vocals by Eric Dover) *co-written by J. Murr. **keyboards by Keyboardist Eric Ragno, guitar solo's by Mark Kendall. -note- on the credits for downlaod I erroneously credited Derick LeFevre on vocal..my apologies.
09)-The Road (feat. vocals by Terry Ilous) *co-written by Ed Balldinger. **drums by DanZoid a.k.a Daniel Dumas, keybords by Michael T. Ross.
10)-If I Were James Taylor (I could finish this song) (feat. vocals by Ted Poley) *co-written by Ted Poley.
11)-Forgotten Child (feat. vocals by Paul Shortino and Bobby Kimball) **bass by Larry Hart, keyboards by Brant Harradine. *mixed by Roger Summers, mastered by Eddie Shreyer.
12)-Sandbox (feat. vocals by David Cagle)

Peace, JK


Well it is official that Liberty N' Justice is calling it quits! The final album has been released July 1st called "The Vow". It is a concept album about the beginning and the end of a relationship and all of the struggles in between. I wrote all of the music, played the guitars, bass as well as produced and mixed the album.
It truly is a fantastic collection of songs and I believe one of the best I have done to date.
David Cagle sings the entire album with guest vocals by Gunnar Nelson, Fergie Fredriksen and Kelly Keeling. The amazing Eric Ragno plays keyboards and Justin Murr wrote the lyrics. The album is available on Itunes- (click here), Amazon and other download sites. Grab a copy, it's worth the $6.99 for 12 great songs!!

In other news, I am about to release a second "Best Of" album which will feature some of the best ballads, duets and acoustic songs I have written!

It will also have two new never released songs.

Stay tuned for this one!!!!!


Peace, JK


Sorry for not updating for such a long time :/ The good news is I have been VERY busy and I have lot's of great things to update you with!!! I'll give everyone the latest in the beginning of July!!!


Peace, JK

January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!! I am looking forward to many great things to share with you, including lot's of new music!!!!

Also, please check out my music production website Alien Productions Recording Studio, @ www.alien1111.com. Please contact me for any of your music production needs, or if you would like me to perform on your song(s)!

Peace, JK


Finally, after 11 long years in the vault -The 11:11 Project- is finally being released! Originally signing to J-Bird Records with a 2002 release date, the Record Company went belly up and this album was not released. Now, after 11 years, it's time!!!
It will be a digital only release through Itunes, Amazon etc.

The songs have been remastered for todays standards and I am very proud and excited for you to hear all 11 songs!

Visit the JK Northrup Music page for a youtube sampler!!!

Stay tuned....
Peace, JK


Hi everyone!! Been very busy this year with the release of Liberty N' Justice, "The Cigar Chronicles"! It was featured on the front page on Itunes upon release in February. That's HUGE!! :) Get your copy at www.libertynjustice.net.
Already writing songs for the next album featuring David Cagle on vocals, Eric Ragno on keys, Justin Murr slappin bass, Michael Feighan slammin drums and myself on the guitars. This will be the first Band line up on a Liberty N' Justice album in a long time!! The songs are amazing and so are the players :) Look for a late 2013 release.
Stay tuned....
Peace, JK


Happy New Years everyone!!!!!!!
I'll be posting lot's of great news soon :) Peace, JK


A lot of updates, so please read on :)

I am honored to announce that Grammy Award Nominee and music legend "Bruce Foster" has chosen me to Master his latest album project with country recording artist and actress, "Tiffany Brouwer" at Alien Productions.

Also, the long anticipated Liberty N' Justice two disc set, "The Cigar Chronicles" is done!!! Pre-orders are about to take place and I'll giva a link to purchace it and some cool merch as well! CD "Volume 1 the covers" features 13 cover songs. Eleven that I produced and arranged. CJ Snare did the mixing and mastering for that disc. CD "Volume 2 the originals" also has 13 songs that were written by Justin Murr and myself, with the exception two songs, "Cupids Gonna Bleed" was co-wrtten with Gunnar Nelson, and "Sucker Punched" was co-written with Rick Stitch. I produced, mixed and mastered this disc. I played all rythym guitars, additional guitar solos, acoustic guitars, bass, and drums on both discs.

Here are some of the reviews coming in. Click below to read them!!!

"Glitter To Gutter" Volume 2 The Originals
"Glitter To Gutter" Volume 1The Covers
"White Throne Metal Reviews"

Visit the Liberty N' Justice Facebook page (click here and please click "LIKE") for more updates!!!

Also finished the mastering for the Melodicrock.com cds's "MRCD9 - 15 Years Later" and "MRCD10 - Inside My Head". "MRCD9 also features the song "15 Years Later" that I wrote with Justin Murr of Liberty N' Justice. You can check out the Youtube video (here). I played all of the instruments and sang it and my good friend Mark A. Lanoue played the outro solo!

More news coming up...


Sorry for the long delay in update! Been very busy in the studio with lot's of bands and projects. I am proud and honored to announce that I have officially joined forces with Justin Murr and am now an official member of Liberty N' Justice!!! After working together for over three years now, we decided to put a stamp on it :)

I will continue with my own projects and working with others as well.

Much more great news coming very soon!

Peace, JK


The single "Stayin' Alive" featuring the amazing vocals of Kip Winger and me on acoustic from the upcoming Liberty N' Justice "The Cigar Chronicles" is now on Itunes! Click Here to view and download. I produced the arrangement and Kip put his stamp on it for sure! You can also pre-listen to the song on youtube.

Also check out "Torrie Murr" (Justin's daughter) singing "Hot Child In The City". I produced and arranged the track! On Itunes (click here) and youtube!

Much more coming...


Just a quick update! I am currently mixing and mastering the final tracks for the upcoming Liberty N' Justice "The Cigar Chronicles", two disc set!! It is amazing! Over 60 multi-platinum and internationally well known recording artists have participated and contributed their talents. Different singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboardists from around the world! One disc is all new originals written by Justin Murr and myself, the other is a compiltaion of great cover songs that I put a crazy twist on-most of which were top 40 singles spanning the 1970's-90's! Release date-tba.

Don't forget to get your copy of Liberty N' Justice "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" at Roxx Records.

Much more to come!

Peace, JK


By now I am sure everyone knows about the passing of my guitar hero and friend Ronnie Montrose. I just wanted to give a look up into the sky and say to him Ronnie, "Rock The Universe"!!! RIP.

The Liberty N' Justice "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" album has a new release date. Looks like later in April. Here is the latest press release (click LNJ) with all of the updated song and musician info. Here is a link to the youtube video for "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast"!! Enjoy :) Pre-order, or buy at Roxx Records.

Peace, JK


The new Liberty N Justice "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" album is being released through Roxx Productions <-(click) March 27th. I wrote the music and also performed, mixed and mastered 6 of the 12 tracks. "Justin Murr" wrote the lyrics. Click the Roxx Productions link for all of the full track listing and info on all of the great performers on it-and to get your copy!!!

The first single, "Stretch Armstrong" is already released on radio and a video has been released on youtube (click here).

This song features "Louis St August" (Mass) on vocals and "Keri Kelli" (Alice Cooper) on lead guitar. I wrote the music and performed all of the other instruments.

Also did the music, production and performed on an ep with talented artist and lyricist Angela Kay Ryland! All vocals by Brandi Sue Ryland. Please visit lalas fun pad to listen and buy these beautiful songs!!

More news coming...

Peace, JK


Welcome 2012! Happy New Year everyone :)

Peace, JK


Back to work in the studio!!!!



The Liberty N' Justice single, "Sin" featuring Jani Lane is now on Itunes, Amazon and other download sites as of Tuesday, August 30th. It will also be played on over 30 radio stations nationwide! Along with Jani Lane on vocals, the song also features Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper), Bill Leverty (Firehouse) and myself on guitars. I hope Jani's fans, and fans of rock music will enjoy what is his last completed song. It has been very emotional for all of us, and I am sure you will hear it in this song. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity in the name of Jani Lane.

Stay tuned....

Peace, JK


In the untimely and sad passing of Jani Lane, I wanted to pass along some of the press surrounding what is happening at the moment. Jani performed the vocal on the song "Sin" for the upcoming "Liberty N' Justice" album titled "The Cigar Chronicles". "Sin" was originally written by myself and Justin Murr of "Liberty and Justice". Jani was later involved in some of the writing of the song along with Keri Kelli and Scott Bolen. Please click and read the official press release here. It includes mine and others condolences as well as comments regarding Jani, and addresses the release of the single of "Sin" which was announced to be released Aug-15-2011 on itunes.

It was decided to release the song at a later date out of respect to Jani, his family and friends. Please click here and read the explanation from Justin Murr.

Until then, you can listen to the one minute sample on the "Alien Prod Records" page.

I know that all of Jani's fans, as well as fans of "Liberty N' Justice" will appreciate what is the last completed song that Jani performed on.

His passing was tragic, but I am truly very proud to have been a part of this beautiful song.

RIP Jani Lane.....

Peace, JK


There are several worldwide releases coming out that were mixed and or mastered at by me at my Alien Productions Recording Studio! Go to Melodic Rock Records and check out "Taxxi" and the latest "MRCD8" cd's (including 1-7), that I mastered . Also, just released is the new Bridger album through Escape Music in Europe. This cd features Glen Bridger, guitarist for legendary rockers "Head East". It also features Terry Ilous (XYZ and current Great White singer), as well as myself. It was recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced at Alien Productions. Also, please check out the "Liberty N Justice" cd "Chasing a cure", which proceeds go to the epilepsy foundation. I contributed 2 songs on the release. Watch the promo video on youtube of "When Mullets Ruled The World", which was co-written by myself with Justin Murr and was recorded mixed and mastered here! It features myself on all instruments and Philip Bardowell on vocals!!

Also been working with some great local talent and I am proud to announce that Alien Productions is a sponsor for the Skips Music "Stairway To Stardom" program on August 14th.



With three new albums coming out soon and writing for and producing several other bands, I haven't had much time to update :)
One album, which features Glen Bridger, guitarist of Head East, and Terry Ilous on vocals is in the can. I co-produced, played some guitars and mixed and mastered the album. Title and release date TBA.

I have also been working with Justin Murr of Liberty N Justice on his upcoming double disc set, along with Firehouse singer and producer, CJ Snare on one of them. We are still in the mixing stage and there will be more updates on this mega project!



Happy New Year everyone!!! Lot's of great things are about to happen.
more coming soon....Peace


I am proud to announce the worldwide release of "Prime Suspect" from Italy on Frontiers Records which was released on December 3rd 2010. I did the mixing and mastering at "Alien Productions Recording Studio". Click the link for more info. Much more to come....


Have an awesome day! Next year...11-11-11....oooohhhh!


Time for an update!!!! I have finished recording, mixing and producing soooo many bands and great artists. I am currently writing, producing, recording etc., with many internationally acclaimed artists, I can't begin to say. Actually, I can't say at the moment :) I will be performing on several albums that will be released this year, and in 2011. I'll be in touch...yes, I will also update the pictures and other things very soon....been a bit busy!
Peace, JK


HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2009 was great (albeit a bit scary for a lot of us), but 2010 is going to be awesome.

Great news coming soon...

Peace, JK


The JK version of "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" (or simply, "The Grinch"), is featured on two Christmas compilation cd's this year! Please visit The Rock4Xmas Foundation and Melodicrock.com titled "MRCD6-We Will Rock Yule" to purchase a cd. Both are for charitable causes and to support "RAWK" music and the less fortunate.

Although I am not benefiting $ from either cd or the song, I contributed by Mastering both cd's and they are both great causes to help if you can!
I am blessed to be a part of all of the above.
Also featured on these cds's are artists such as Steve Lukather, Eddie Van Halen, Eddie Money, Kelly Keeling, Terry Ilous, Ted Poley and many other great artists!

I hope you enjoy the song and God Bless.

Peace, JK


The first review is in for the upcoming album Liberty N Justice"Light It Up". Read the review by clicking www.rockeyez.com. Release date is set for 1-19-2010.

Much more coming up!!!
Peace, JK


OK! Been a little crazy lately. I'm spending lot's of time in the studio with numerous projects and bands. I'm still putting together new tunes for my next release, just taking a bit longer than I hoped. Back to work :)
Peace, JK


Lot's of great things goin on!!!
First I'll start with I have just finished playing guitars for the title track on the upcoming Liberty N Justice album titled "Light It Up" to be released on Retroactive Records. The song also features "Phil Lewis" vocalist of LA Guns and LnJ band leader Justin Murr! The album is due for a fall release.

I have also finished the mastering and contributed my song, "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" to Andrew J. McNeice's MRCD5 "Writing On The Wall" double CD compilation at Melodicrock.com! The compilation also features songs and performances by such legends as Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Bobby Kimball (Toto) and many other greats!

In other news, I just finished mixing and mastering my third album for "Frontiers Records" (band tba soon) and mixed and mastered the upcoming album for Cody V called, "Lovelorn Leviathan" on Tendril Records, also to be released in the fall.

Check out the new songs by Dave Zaragoza, vocalist for Sammie Nominee "Category 7" and vocalist on my songs "Cemented Eyes" and "That's Gonna Leave A Mark". I have been producing him as well as playing guitars and bass on his new songs!

much more to come......

Peace, JK


Hello everyone! The new songs are coming together and I am very excited!!!!
It is gonna RAWK!!!!

For those that celebrate Easter, "HAPPY EASTER"!!
Everyone else have a great weekend : )

Peace, JK


My latest song called "That's Gonna Leave A Mark", is now available for download on *Itunes* and at *Amazon.com*. Listen to the song sample by clicking here on the "Alien Prod Records" page, or go to www.myspace.com/jknorthrup. The song is the title track and first single from the new album coming out this summer by the same name.

More great news coming...

Peace, JK


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I have recorded a special version of "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" which being featured on the new "Rock 4 Xmas Foundation" compilation cd! Founded by Wayne Morrison 13 years ago, the Rock 4 Xmas cd's sales help fund charities to help those in need. Please visit the website above for more info.

Peace, JK


HAPPY 11-11 DAY!!!!


Hello once again!
The China Blue album called "Twilight Of Destiny" that I mixed and mastered for my friend and Melodicrock.com's "KEYBOARDIST OF THE YEAR", Eric Ragno, is due for release on December 5th through Frontiers Records!!
More great news coming up....

Peace, JK


I'm back....been a little busy lately! Actually, a lot busy.
I have been in the studio recording various bands at my "Alien Productions" Recording Studio.

I'll be back to my own music soon!!!



Hello everyone! Just a few notes. I just finished putting the final touches on the mastering for the China Blue "Twilight Of Destiny" album, which I also mixed. What a great record!! My friend Eric Ragno has done an amazing job of putting these tunes together. It is being released on Frontiers Records. Release date TBA.

More news is that I have also been working with another great friend and vocalist, Terry Ilous, writing and recording music for a race car documentary (title and release date TBA). Legendary drummer Chris Slade is laying down the drums and I am handling the rest of the instruments.
I am also working with Wayne Morrison on songs for the 2008 "Rock For Christmas" album. I'll keep it at that for now, but there are some great things happening there ; )

More to come....peace, JK


Awesome news!! The song "Got To Believe" that I co-wrote with Terry Ilous, was chosen by none other than Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to be featured on the upcoming compilation disc in connection with Guitar Center. Click here for more news Billboard.com. I am also mixing and mastering an awesome album by keyboard virtuoso and songwriter, Eric Ragno for the upcoming China Blue "Twilight Of Destiny" for Frontiers Records. More news on that soon!!
Peace, JK


Peace, JK


Hi all!
I am continuing writing for the next JK Northrup album and working with other bands and recording artists at Alien Productions.
Also, check out the new cd from my "other" band called "The Mood Groove" titled "Mr. Green Jeans War Blue" (click to purchase). It's not my typical sounding music, but if you are interested in something a little different and fun, I invite you to give it a listen!

Peace, JK


As you can see, this website is getting an overhaul (about time huh?). A lot of great things are coming up for this year and I am beginning recording new songs for my next album! I also just got word from Ted Poley that "Smile" is #4 on the Japanese charts.....awesome.

More to come...

Peace, JK


Lot's to talk about!!!  Ted Poley's "Smile" album is now released and is getting great reviews all over the planet.  My "Wired In My Skin" album is being used for the soundtrack for the movie "Motocross Zombies From Hell" which is due out in November.  I also have a couple songs on the upcoming movie release of "TONY N" TINA"S WEDDING" opening in theatres on Dec. 9th. 

More coming...

Peace, JK


Ted Poley's new album "Smile" is finished and will be released worldwide through "Frontiers Records" on Oct. 19 2007.  I had such a great time working with Ted on this one!!!!  What a fantastic album.  I played guitar and bass, as well as engineered, co-produced (with Ted), mixed and mastered.  DanZoid played all of the drums and there are a few more special guests.  Vic Rivera plays the solos on "Smile" and "Will Ya", Eric Ragno is on keyboards.  Mp3 samples can be found on www.melodicrock.com  and on the Frontiers Records website! 

I have also been very busy putting the final mastering on the new Melodic Rock CD 4 which features many multi-platinum artists including Toto, Mike Tramp, Kelly Keagy and many others.  Cd's are on sale now!!!

I will also be performing on the new "Solna" album with "China Blue" drummer Zane and keyboardist Eric Ragno.

The new "Alien Productions" studio is awesome and I have been working with so many great artists both local and internationally.  The new website will be completed soon, but you can contact me at www.alien1111.com for anything regarding recording, mixing, mastering, production or if you would like to discuss me playing or co-writing on your album.

Much more news coming!!

Peace, JK


I just got back from Montana!  Got to dig some dinosaur bones and take 11 days off.  In case you were wondering, the song "Big Blue Sky" is about my yearly trips to Montana.  Well, it's back into the studio and timep to finish a few more records : )

Peace, JK


Back in the studio with the fabulous Ted Poley at the new "Alien Productions" studio!  (I'll post new pix soon).  Ted's new album is gonna kick!!!   Got some great international and local artists I am proud to be working with!!  More on that later.

Peace, JK


I had my official "Wired In My Skin" release party April 20th!!  It was awesome : )  Several of the featured artists on the cd were there and lot's of guests.  Pictures have been posted!!  Also had Ted Poley in the "Alien Productions" / Nublin's Pub and Studio recording for his upcoming release for Frontiers Records.  Ted is such an awesome singer and artist!!!  It's gonna kill.


I also want to announce that I have a new recording studio that I am moving into in May!!!  Movin on up...more to come..........


Peace, JK 


All the pre-orders have been sent and I am happy to say that sales are very good!!  Thanks to everyone who bought, or is buying the album, and the feedback is awesome : )  It is available not only here, but throughout the planet.  It will be available on CD Baby in about a week.  The mp3 of Madison's Song on the home page is a song being submitted to Geffen Records for the upcoming "Bratz: The Movie".  No it's not for sale : )  I welcome anyones comments, so don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Peace, JK


Whhheeeewww!! The album is done, the artwork is done, the deals are being made and I am so excited!! The release date is early March "Officially"!

It will be available throughout Europe distributed by NL Distribution. In the US, it will available through various outlets, and I will be selling a limited amount from this website! The cd's I sell from here will be on the "Alien Records" page. They will be signed by me (so I have to remove the shrink wrap). Of course you can specify not to sign it. 

I look forward to getting this one out to the public. I must rest for a moment now......

Peace, JK


I just finished the last song and got the final vocal tracks. I am very proud to announce that Kelly Keeling has sang the final song called "Big Blue Sky". F%$&N awesome!! A few more mixes and it is comin out. You may have noticed the new album cover!! It was done by Rory Fiorito. His weblink is on the home page!!! 





CD is almost done : ) Lot's of great things are happening in 2007.




OK, the cats outta the bag. Johnny Edwards will singing the title track "Wired In My Skin" on the upcoming cd. It's a reunion a long time coming and I am very proud to announce it!! Expect nothing but the best from Johnny and all of the singers/players on this release! Back to the studio...

Peace, JK


Well, here it is....my official personal vacation day, 11-11!!! The session with Ted Poley was amazing. We recorded two songs. A slammin rocker called "Perfect Imperfection", and a beautiful acoustic/vocal piece called "If I were James Taylor (I could finish this Song)". Both songs were written by Ted and I. Expect more from the two of us in the future. The cd is so close to finish I can taste it. Expected release date is Jan or Feb 2007. Ted also did a bit of vocals on my other project, W.N.G.C. You'll be hearing more about that one very soon as well.

Once again, I have a very special bit of info that I will announce soon..stay tuned.

Peace, JK 


Wow! I have been slammin in the studio. I am producing and engineering with lot's of great bands and artists.

I'll be working on my cd over the next few days. I am proud to announce that Ted Poley of "Danger Danger" will be in the studio with me to sing on two new tracks for my upcoming cd!!!! We are both very excited with the songs. Ted has written the lyrics to both songs and I wrote the music.

More news to come....

Peace, JK


I just finished mastering the upcoming "MelodicRock V 3" cd. A lot of great songs from a lot of successful and talented recording artists. To order a copy go to www.melodicrock.com tell them JK sent ya. I also had another great dino bone dig. Brought home a few interesting pieces!! FRICKIN AWESOME!!!

I am working with many talented local and not local artists in the Alien Productions/ Nublins Pub studio. Besides finishing my cd, I am involved with another cd called WNGC. I will talk more about this project soon.

Peace, JK 


Damn it's Hot!! I have been one busy dude. First I would like to say that "Alien Productions" is kickin arse : ) Been working with several great bands and artists. One in particular is Zolar X. They are recording an 18 song cd with me as engineer and co-producer. I invite you to go to their website http://www.myspace.com/zolarx. It's an epic recording to say the least, and the music is awesome.

I must admit that I have been so busy that I have sort of put my own cd on the side burner. However, I have been chipping away and am still hoping for a release before Nov 2006.

Also.....I am going back to Montana in August to dig Dino bones....wwhhhooohhoooo!!! I will be updating the dino dig page soon after.

Peace, JK


Just got back from my daughters high school graduation...sob, sob. It was awesome!!! I am very proud of my 3 daughters....ahhhhh.

Alien Productions is doing well and I am working with several bands and artists. It is time to get back to my cd and get it done!!! I am really looking forward to getting this one out.

Peace, JK


Hi all! I have added *Alien Records* to my site! Here you can buy all my cds and even request a custom cd where you can pick which songs you want on the cd!

Also, for those wanting music production, visit the new *Alien Productions* website at www.alien1111.com.

A nice side note, I went to the San Fransico Giants baseball game at AT&T park in S.F. and saw the most awesome game!! The Giants won and I was with some some great friends. Doesn't get much better!


I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, JK


Well, there has been a couple setbacks with the new cd. I have decided to take a step back and start with a fresh outlook! I don't want to record just another album. I want to record one that will  be a few steps above what I have done in the past!! Or at least give it a good go. Therefore, here I go. I will keep a few of the tracks that were nearly finished. I'll use them as either bonus tracks or??... Mind you, all of the songs that have been recorded so far are quite awesome! I just want to step it up a bit. I am now looking at June or July for the release.


I'll keep you posted.





Back in the studio to record some more tracks!! I've been very busy recording and producing various artists and put my record aside momentarily. Now it's time to Kick some Ass!!









Happy New Beer!!!

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday and safe New Years. I had a marvelous one. I have very busy getting the new CD recorded. I couldn't be more excited about the music, sound and performances by all of the awesome musicians. Looks like it will be finished by March 1st.(at least that's my goal. I'll put up a couple new song samples soon. I also have a BIG surprize to announce, but I'm gonna wait just a little bit longer.

Studio 11:11 is doing well and I have been busy recording, mixing and mastering a lot of great talent. If you are interested, shoot me......an email.

Peace, JK


Happy 11:11th!

I hope you had a chance to listen to the new track, "Brain Damage" on my Home Page. It isn't finished yet, but it is Rockin!! It features my very good friend "Zoid" on drums and "Glenn Hicks" on vocal. Glenn was the drummer for the JK Northrup cd with Johnny Edwards. He'll be on a few drum tracks as well. The new album will also feature Terry Ilous and Kelly Keeling singing lead on a few songs. There will be a few other surprizes!! I am doing the Santana thing by having several different singers and guest musicians.

Let me know what you think...

Peace, JK


Hey, I got a new guestbook!!! Please start signing in again. There are a few steps to post, but it keeps out the frickin spammers!!

My new CD is coming along......IT RUCKIN FOCKS!! More updates soon.



Quick note, I removed the guestbook because too many "asses" were putting their garbage website links there. If you would like to say hello or anything else, click on any of the e-mail links.

Peace, JK


Yeah, it's been a couple months but here's the latest. The "Acoustic Outcasts" tour was so much fun!! The guys are awesome and we kicked ass! Met a lot of great people and made some new fans on the way. Katrina was devistating to so many people and my heart goes out to everyone that was effected by the disaster.

I am currently working on some new songs and will begin recording a new JK Northrup CD. I can't tell you how excited I am. The Shortino/Northrup "Afterlife " cd was cool, but it was recorded while I was going through my divorce. It reflects how I felt at the time (depressed). Now it's time to KICK SOME ASS. The next CD will be filled with lot's of energy, killer songs and guitar riffs. I'll keep you updated on the progress

I am also working with a some new bands (production, recording) and would love to hear from more musicians that would like me to be involved. Just e-mail me from this site.

As far as the upcoming Acoustic Outcasts tour (starting Set 16), Don Dokken bowed out and I'm not sure if I will be going. I encourage everyone to go go to the shows regardless. It's a great act and part of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross for hurricane victims. Hey, I'll check back soon!!

Peace, JK



Hi All!!! Been a while since I posted, but I've been a bit busy in the studio. Both recording and mixing/mastering. I am going on a short tour with "The Acoustic Outcasts" with Terry Ilous starting July 28 in Nashville. It's an all acoustic show featuring some fantastic singers and artists that made the 80s and 90s fun. Please go to "ACOUSTIC OUTCASTS" to find out all the info on artists, tour dates and more! As the title suggests, it is an all acoustic show. Very intimate and will promise to be an ongoing show for a long time! I look forward to seeing you all at the shows!
Peace, JK


Hi everyone. I've been a bit busy mixing and Mastering lately. I have an XYZ show coming up on May 5th in L.A. We have a couple more shows in the midwest in June. My hand still hurts, but I am playin just fine!! I am also beginning work on a new JK Northrup CD. Much more news comin soon.

Peace JK



My hand is healing and I've been playing guitar. The funny thing is that I feel like I am playing better than before!! Go figure. I am currently mixing and Mastering a band called "Mood Groove". Totally awesome music! The CD will be finished by mid April. I recommend that all music inthusiests check it out when posted. Also, there are some upcoming XYZ shows that I will post as well. Thanks for all of the wonderful e-mails regarding my hand and otherwise. Any musicians that are interested in me mixing or mastering, please contact me.
Peace JK


Well, it's true. While on tour with XYZ on the east coast of the US, I had an unfortunate accident. My hand was slammed between two road cases resulting in a broken hand bone. Unfortunately, that was the end my my tour. I'll be in a cast for 5 more weeks. The rest of the guys and I decided to get a replacement for the remainder. I am fine but wish I could've finished. I had such a great time and the crowds were small, but awesome!!! I'll be back in about a month and ready to kick some more ass. (simpothy e-mails are appreciated)!Pictures of the tour will be posted soon.
Peace, JK


Hey! It seems I'll be touring the east coast and inward with Terry Ilous and XYZ in January through February 5. For those who haven't seen me on stage for awhile, it will be great to see you again! Of course for you who have yet to see me on stage, I look forward to ROCKIN YOU and meeting you all!!!!! I am really looking forward to getting back on the road and playing. I'll give the full itenerary of dates and band members very soon. Any questions are welcome.
Peace, JK


OK! I have put back the Guestbook page. Please be respectful!!
Peace, JK



WOW!! Thanks for all of the e-mails and inquiries about Mastering!!! It is an honor to be a part of the recording process for so much great talent. I also want to thank Andrew at Melodicrock.com for sending some Mastering and Mixing Business my way. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, I still have some openings!!
I have also been writing a lot of new songs. Found an awesome singer (or he found me) named Kyle Michaels!!! We are sending tunes to each other and it looks very promising!!! I'll keep ya updated on that.
Also have been working on a T.V. show (pilot) writing music and mixing. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Went Dinosaur bone hunting again and got some more awesome ones. Pictures to follow!
On the ugly side of things......I removed the Guest Book page due some fools posting Porno sites there. It's a shame that it only takes a few idiots to mess things up for all the rest!!
In the meantime, Peace!!!


I'm Back!! I just finished Mastering the new "Melodicrock V2 The Beast Inside" CD. It is a double CD ensemble of some amazing songs from artists around the world. Artists such as Mike Tramp, Tommy DeNander, The River Dogs with Vivian Cambell and even a song that Features myself and Johnny Edwards!! Log onto http://www.melodicrock .com for more details and get a copy.
Back soon, Peace, JK


Hey! I just got back from Montana on another Dinosaur bone hunt. It was awesome. I'll post some new photos in a couple days. Thanks for all of the great e-mails regarding "Afterlife" and others.
Peace, JK


Hi everyone! I have updated the "Listen to the Music" page with new mp3s. A few more "11:11 Project" song samples. It will released soon, so I'll keep you updated. For now, if you want to purchase one, just e-mail me. I have also added a new feature on the "Home" page which will automatically play a featured song or solo of the week. For those who's browsers do not play automatically, I apologize, but you can listen to more mp3s on the "Listen to the Music" page. All comments or e-mails are welcome.
Peace, JK.


Shortino/Northrup "Afterlife" will be out May 17 and is getting great reviews. I'll add a few of them to the reviews page! I'll be posting a couple of recent interviews aslo. Here's to triple platinum (I wish).


Thanks everyone for all of the great e-mails amd responce to the new songs. It's only a teaser to the rest of the album. I can't wait for the feedback when you hear the entire thing.
until then, Peace, JK


Well as some you know I have posted three- 1 minute mp3s. The responce has been phenomal!! The short mp3s are only a glimpse into what we feel is a monster album. Simply, if you like what you heard, you haven't heard anything yet (or at least until you hear the entire cd). This will be a great year for Rock and Melodic Rock. I have also added some new photos (click on "New Pix 2004") including some pictures of my Dinosaur dig in Oct. 2003. I found some amazing Dino bones and will be adding more pix soon.


The album is done and I must say....KICKS ASS!!! We are very pleased with the record. I know I have been promising mp3's and more, but I have to wait just a little longer. I'll be showing the Cover and putting a couple of mp3's on the sight in the next week or so...promise. Now I can take a deep breath and relax. Please contact me if you like. The album is set for release in Europe 5-17-2004.
More news coming soon, Peace, JK


OK! We have chosen a name for the cd. We are going back to "Shortino/Northrup" and the title is "Afterlife". Tommy Denander did an awesome solo for the song "Feel Again" and of course Johnny Edwards and Paul kick ass together on "Crazy Mind". I'll get those soundbites up soon.
Peace, JK


New mp3s coming soon from the upcoming "Northup/Shortino" CD. I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about any record I have done. We are focusing more on AOR radio hits this time. There are some killer rockers too. Keep in touch for the sound bites.
Peace, JK


Happy Holidays all! Let's hope 2004 is a great year for all of us on this planet. Paul and I are finishing up the "Northrup/Shortino" cd. I have decided to remix and master the "11:11 Project" cd, so for all those who asked about it please wait till next year when it's finalized! Don't hesitate to e-mail me!! Happy New Year.
Peace, JK


"Back On Track" is finally in stores now with 4 bonus tracks thanks to Shire Records!!
The new "Northrup/Shortino" album is almost finished and Paul and I are having a blast in the studio! It is turning out beyond my expectations.
I also wanted to let you know that I went on a Dinosaur excavation with my great friend Scott Vice and brought home some prizes!! I'll share some photos soon.
Peace, JK


Great news! Johnny Edwards will be doing a duet with Paul Shortino on the new CD. Also, Tommy Denander and Joe Becker  will be doing a a couple solos on the CD. It is turning out to be so awesome that I can't wait till it is released!! I am more proud of this CD than any of my previous releases. Look for some kick ass rock music with awesome vocals, solos and songs. It will be released in early 2004.
Peace, JK


I am excited to announce the signing with MTM Music for a new record with Paul Shortino and myself. It will be called "Northrup/Shortino". We have already began recording and the songs are great......no, outstanding!! It will also feature a few songs I wrote with Johnny Edwards. We are very excited to finally do a follow up record for the "Back On Track" cd which was released in 1993. Paul and I have also been working together with some other bands. Paul has produced and I am Mastering. Keep an ear out for the band "Level"!
Also the rerelease of "Back On Track" with 4 bonus tracks will be released by Shire Records soon. More to come...
Peace, JK


I have just finished an agreement with a Record Label (can't tell ya yet) to begin recording a new CD! It will be with (can't say yet) on Vocals and a few guest artists!! I am very excited to begin this new record because it will be truly awesome. I will give an update very soon as to what the F*&K I am talkin about.


OK......I am very excited and privaleged to announce that I will be mastering the Melodicrock.com compilation CD!! Besides all of the great artists involved in contributing their songs and talent, Terry Ilous and I have a song on it also. For more info, visit www.melodicrock.com.



Well the tour has been officially cancelled. I guess there is a reason for everything and I won't question this one! Please stay tuned for further info as to what is next!!!
Peace, JK


Yes it has been awhile since my last update....! A lot of stuff has happened in the past two months. Some good, some not. I lost my Mother-inlaw who died from ALS in May. She was a beautiful person and I will miss her dearly. I have taken a little time to reflect and gather myself concerning other personal matters (which I won't discuss) but I'm ready to chew bubble gum and Kick Ass....and I'm outta bubble gum!
So to start the kickin ass part of the year, the XYZ CD has done quite well and has gotten great reviews.
Also, we have began rehearsals for what was going to be a North American tour with Great White and LA Guns. However, it may or may not happen now. There are some technicalities being worked out for Great White before we can begin! That is the word for now and I'll update things as I learn what's up. Feel free to sign my guestbook or send an e-mail!!!!
Peace, JK


Well, we are very excited about about the release of XYZ "Letter To God" today. It has been getting great reviews (which I'll post soon). Look for my interview in "Guitar and Bass" magazine. I look foward to all of your comments.
Peace, JK


OK....I am back in the studio with Paul Shortino!! We have some great songs coming up and are looking forward to finishing a new long overdue 2nd CD. I would also like to mention to all of you musicians, Record Labels and Industry People that I have my own full service Recording, Mixing and Mastering facility called, "A LEE IN PRODUCTIONS" (see the Mixing and Mastering link) and for all interested, please contact me via e-mail for more info. It's going to be a great year for ROCK!!!
Peace, JK


For those interested in getting the 10th anniversary re-issue of the Shortino/Northrup "Back On Track" CD with the 4 Bonus Tracks, here is the link to the Label, "Shire Records". Thanks to Rory Fiorito for doing such a great job on all of the updated artwork and also to Jodi Bainbridge at Shire Records for letting everyone get the chance to hear this record again with the bonus tracks as well!
In other news, I am going back into the studio with.......???? More news to come..


Well it's 2003 and I'm ready to chew bubblegum and KICK ASS!! The XYZ CD is coming out in April 2003 on MTM Records and the re-issue of Shortino/Northrup is coming out soon on Shire Records also. I have been almost unbearably busy with all of the recording, producing, engineering etc., and guess what......there's more to come!! I'll keep you posted on the upcoming and new events. I will be updating my PIX page with some new XYZ pictures and a few others. Stay tuned...
Peace, JK


I'm Back!!! We are just putting the finishing touches on the mixes for the new XYZ release. MTM is planning to release it in March 2003. We are all most excited and ready to kick some ASS! I'll be posting another small sample teaser in a few days.
Peace, JK


Well! I haven't even announced I put the XYZ sample on the site and it appears the word got out pretty quick! I want to stress to all fans that the sample is only a small piece of one song that mostly features the solo. I will put up another one that features Terry. "Tango" is the song that will be on the next MTM Sampler CD in it's entirety. Please understand, this one minute of one song does not represent the other 11 songs on the new cd. All I will tell you is that it is everything that any XYZ (past, current and future) or melodic rock enthusiast could ask for. We are all very excited to get this out (early 2003) because it really is awesome. Please feel free to give any feedback.


In case you missed it, I have put a 1 minute XYZ MP3 sample of the song TANGO which will be on the new XYZ cd. It is only a download link for now, so unless you have hi-speed internet, it will take a while to hear it. Also, the re-ssue of "Back on Track" is coming very soon! I'll post the new cover in about a week. Thanks Rory!!!!


Well here goes, the new XYZ CD is KICKIN and is coming along great!! We are all very excited about the songs and the performances from all of the great players. I will be posting a sample MP3 in about a week or so. The re-issue of "Back on Track" will be out soon and I'll be posting the new artwork as soon as it is finalized. My "Best Of-Play it on 11" has been getting tremendous reviews and I couldn't be happier :-) (check out the reviews page) However, the best is yet to come.

Peace, JK


Check out the new "REVIEWS" for "Play it on 11". I'll be adding some new interviews soon as well.
Peace, JK


I am happy to announce the Paul Shortino/JK Northrup "Back on Track" CD will be released on "Shire Records" here in America and worldwide! It will feature some great bonus tracks as well. I'll update the release date info and give the site link soon. Also, the XYZ recording is going great.
More great news to follow....


Hello everyone!!
Just a quick update. The new XYZ recording is going great. Terry Ilous and I are finishing up the songs and they are SMOKIN! Paul Monroe (original XYZ Drummer), is back on board to do most of the drums and Mark Diglio (original guitarist), will be playing on a couple of tracks as well. I am recording the majority of guitars and handling the co-production along with Terry. Long time friend Sean McNabb will be on Bass and special guest Drummer, Vinnie Appice will play on a few songs. Release date is scheduled for early 2003.
My 11:11 Project CD has a new release date, September 3rd. Be watching for the JK Northrup Best Of "Play it on 11" CD which is coming out July 8th.
I am currently in negotiations to release the Shortino/Northrup "Back on Track" CD with bonus tracks. Looks like an October release! I'll keep you posted on that one.
Peace, JK


I can now officially let you know that I have began recording a new XYZ CD with singer Terry Ilous. It will be released on MTM Records for Europe and will be on the market later this year. It will have the classic XYZ sound and the songs are tremendous! As I get more definate dates of release I will update. I will also let you know who will be on the CD. Some great players and names!!!
Peace, JK


OK! My Best Of "Play it on 11" CD will be released by MTM Music in Europe on July 8th. The release date for 11:11 Project on J-Bird Records is set for August 12th. I'll be making a new announcement of a new Recording deal next week! It will be very good news! :-)
Till then,


I have put 3 of the Mastered songs for the 11:11 Project on the "Listen to mp3's" page. Please Check out the samples and drop me a line!
Peace, JK


I am proud and honored to announce that I have signed a deal with "J-Bird Records" here in the United States for release of the 11:11 Project! I have finished the 11 song CD and the release date is set for July/August 2002. We are currently finishing the mastering at Oasismastering here in L.A. I'll post a couple of new mp3's shortly. The new artwork for the CD is posted on the "Home Page", "Listen to mp3's" and "Discography pages". Awesome work Mike! I am also proud to announce I am signing a deal with "MTM Music" in Germany for the release of the "Best Of" CD and there is much more news coming!!! I put the CD with Johnny Edwards on hold for a while.
Peace, JK Northrup


You may have noticed that I have removed the CD's for sale. Well, that's actually a good thing. The 11:11 Project has been signed and will soon be released. (I'll give all the official info shortly)! The others will also be released (or re-released) soon. In the meantime, please enjoy listening to some mp3's on the "Listen to MP3's" page.
More to come...


I have begun the negotiations for the release of the "11:11 Project" here in North America! Can't give any more details yet, but I am very excited about the Label and their enthusiasm! :-) (I'll let you know which Label soon).
I have removed that CD and the Shortino/Northrup "Back on Track" CD from the A LEE IN Records page, or (Buy CD's page). The re-release of "Back on Track" with 4 Bonus Tracks will be available soon. There is also good news coming up about the new CD with Johnny Edwards. More to come...


Here is the latest and last demo song I will post until the final CD with Johnny Edwards is released. mp3 removed We are going to begin the final recording at the end of March. Feel free to make any comments via e-mail.


Here is another rough demo for the upcoming CD with Johnny. >mp3 removed< Things are getting very close to being finished! Scorpions drummer James Kottak will be in the studio with me very soon to cut some tracks! I have some other great news coming soon.


If you want a sneak peek listen of some new demo tracks for the upcoming CD with Johnny Edwards on vocal, click mp3 removed. We are getting amazing responces so far! :-)
The Remastered re-release of the Back on Track CD with Bonus tracks will be available soon.
More to come.....
Peace, JK


The new CD is coming along great!! I have some reviews on the "11:11 Project" and "Best Of--Play it on 11" CD's coming soon. I'll keep you posted.
Looks like Paul Shortino and myself are going to re-release the "Back on Track" CD by popular demand! It will have at least two Bonus tracks!! I'll post when that one is available.
Also check out my new pages, "Discography-Interviews-Reviews", the "Message Board" (great for topics or discussing anything with everybody) and the "A LEE IN Wallpaper page". Makes a great desktop for PC users! Send me an e-mail or post on the "Guest Book-Contact Me" if you use the wallpaper or just want to say HI!
Peace, JK

I have been writing new songs with Johnny Edwards for a new CD scheduled for release later this year. It is KICK ASS Melodic ROCK/METAL with up to date production. More on that later. I will also soon be releasing my solo CD called "11:11 Project". The style is a mix of Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails and The Beatles. Psychedelic, Heavy and Kickin! I am playing all instruments and doing Vox. You can listen to some tracks on the "Catalogue-CD's" page, or my mp3.com site. I am also releasing a Best Of CD called "JK Northrup-Play it on 11" with songs from a few of my past CD's which will also include never released songs featuring Paul Shortino and Johnny Edwards on Vocals. I also have a song, "Remember Me" on the NYC Charity CD, soon to be released on Now and Then/Frontiers Records.
More news to come.....

More to come......