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Finally after 11 years, -the JK Northrup -11:11 Project- is being released digital only worldwide in 2013!


Click here to watch and hear the -11:11 Project- sampler on youtube of all 11 songs!

JK Northrup song samples below...

These are a small sample of songs I have written, co-written and performed on from the 1980's to present (not including albums and songs I have only produced and/or only performed on). They represent a number of albums and projects I have been a part of, but not all. Starting from most recent to earlier in my career. I will be adding more songs as the new albums are released! Enjoy..(note, I did not add the "Wired In My Skin" 2007 songs because they are shown down below). Click Discography for others.


Listen to the "WIRED IN MY SKIN" song samples below!

"Wired In My Skin" features vocals by Johnny Edwards, Kelly Keeling, Terry Ilous, Ted Poley and David Zaragoza.
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Please note that some reviews are translated from other languages

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